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Press release

Elegant wood design and extra-quiet fan

Assmann presents new designer server cabinets

Lüdenscheid, 10thJune 2014 -With the new Digitus SOUNDproof range of server cabinets, Assmann makes IT-technology elegantly disappear, and at the same time ensure that noise generation remains as low as possible. The SOUNDproof cabinets are available in six different wood looks as well as three different height units. Thanks to a special insulation material, the cabinets absorb the often disturbing noises from the hardware.

IT hardware is often in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. Yet large server cabinets are often not particularly visually appealing. In addition, unfortunately, the annoying extraneous noise of the components hardly allows any concentrated work in offices or seminar rooms. The new server cabinets from the Digitus Professional brand are the ideal solution for this: They are elegant, space-saving and low-noise.

ednet HEAD BANG Over-ear Headset

The SOUNDproof server cabinets are equipped with a particularly quiet ventilation system. The sound level is a maximum of 29 - 30 dB. In addition, special insulation material absorbs the noise of the active elements fitted inside the cabinet. Thus the cabinets can be ideally deployed in banks, hospitals, laboratories, hotels or conference rooms; in short, wherever quiet is necessary.

Safety aspects were taken into account in the design of the new server cabinets as well: the double-winged front door is fitted with a central locking system, and the side panels are also lockable. The side panels can be detached and removed completely. In this way, the IT-administrator can easily reach the installed components.

The SOUNDproof range of cabinets is available with 17, 32 or 42 height units, with a width of 750 mm and a depth of 1130 mm available. The stable steel carcass provides space for all current 19" components and has a load capacity of up to 1,000 kilograms.


The cover panel and the front doors of the SOUNDproof server cabinets are executed in wood look. The following options are available: maple, teak, walnut, oak, cherry and beech. Like this, the cabinet fits in perfectly with the existing furnishings, and can also be used as additional storage space for document files or file boxes.


The Digitus SOUNDproof cabinet range in detail:

  • Elegant server cabinets in wood look
  • Wood surfaces: Maple, teak, walnut, oak, cherry and beech
  • Cable input integrated into the base
  • Double-winged front door with central locking
  • Rear door with 3-piece area for fan units
  • Lockable and removable black metal side panels
  • Reduced noise from the components installed inside
  • Sound-reducing insulation material
  • Quiet ventilation system, max. 29 - 30 dB
  • Available sizes: 750 mm (width), 1130 mm (depth)
  • 17 U, 32 U or 42 U
  • Load capacity: 1,000 Kg
  • Retail price: from € 539.00
  • Available now




If required, journalists can get high resolution images via the below-mentioned press contact.


Dealers get more information under www.business.assmann.com. The products are available at the known distributors.



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